Why Print Is More Alive Now Than Ever

Why Print Is More Alive Now Than Ever

In this digital age of smartphones, websites, social media and pop-ups, it might be easy to dismiss the power of print advertising and focus solely on something that appears on a screen. But the truth is that, when trying to get your message across, printed material still has its place in marketing.

In this article, we explore the reasons why print can still make a positive impression on clients and their customers…

Print produces tangible marketing products
While digital content can get into the head of potential customers and guide them to use your product or service, printed material allows your message or company name to enter the customer’s heads and hands.
At an event where flyers may be distributed, the physical nature of taking a hard copy of something allows an individual to digest more information at a time that suits them. They may decide to read the information at that moment or later on, once the event is over. By physically holding a brochure, leaflet or business card, a person keeps your message longer than had it been delivered via an email that can be quickly deleted or a social media post that can be easily scrolled past.

Print stands out from the online alternative
While we are discussing emails and social media posts, it is fair to say that printed materials have the chance to stand out from their digital counterparts. Innovative designs help potential customers remember your clients for longer, cementing their messages further into the mind while providing a tactile experience.
A wide range of materials is available to enhance this for whoever has picked up or been given your content. Environmentally friendly papers, textures, binding styles, folds and finishes all bring a memory that the online alternative cannot provide. Print even smells nice.

While digital content can include videos and GIFs to grab attention, they don’t possess the aforementioned tangible nature of a printed leaflet or flyer, meaning their ability to stand out may not last as long as a creative brochure or business card. Through their longevity, print-based materials can create an almost revered feeling from individuals. Physical documents, such as books, maps, calendars and diaries, are often kept for reference, while PDFs are downloaded, used and simply deleted, to free up space.

Additionally, as we are often bombarded with digital content on a daily basis, a stand-out piece of print can set itself apart from the rest of online examples, simply by coming from a different medium.

Printed materials show just how much you care
While a campaign driven by printed materials will take longer to plan, design and implement in comparison with an online strategy, it will ultimately show how much care you have for your own message. 

The time and effort submitted into the hard copy of a poster or booklet can subconsciously translate into how much care the individual it is presented with will also have. While audiences can dismiss videos and other digital content within a millisecond, print holds the attention and, in the case of a brochure, can provide numerous messages for an individual to digest in detail. The time one may spend reading this content reflects that the time spent creating it is worthwhile. 

Print can be trusted
As mentioned earlier, the time to create online content is short in comparison to its printed alternative. While this may turn people away from pursuing a printed direction for their campaign, there is one large positive that comes with the time difference.

Dubious links and scam emails can be found online and therefore, they can be created quickly and at an alarming rate. Due to the time it takes for a printed document to be created, it is highly unlikely that scammers will use print. This makes printed materials more trustworthy and authentic to your customers.

Here at Statex, we take pride in creating printed documents to provide a genuine connection between customers and clients. With care, professionalism and dedication, we deliver the very best printing to you, our customers.

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