We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, as well as the carbon footprint of our clients.

Taking care of the environment and acting responsibly is extremely important to us.

Incorporating sustainable printing practices into our services to reduce the impact we have on the environment is an important part of what we do. It’s because of our eco-friendly printing equipment and techniques that our clients can rest assured that the work we produce is done to the highest quality, in an environmentally conscious manner.

At Statex, over the years we’ve worked hard to ensure that we remain at the forefront of environmental responsibility in the printing industry. As a result, we are proud to be recognised as one of the first printing companies to be awarded with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management accreditation – and we don’t stop there. So important to us is our impact on the environment, that we ensure all areas of our supply chain are ISO 14001 compliant too, meaning that all the suppliers we work with are similarly accredited with this eco-friendly status.

From reducing our waste to landfill to just 1% per year, recycling paper, plates, pallets and even heat from the presses to then be re-circulated through the factory, we have pioneered best practice sustainable printing methods in order to minimise the impact on our environment, meeting – if not exceeding – the standards required for all relevant laws and regulations.

Our combination of vegetable-based inks and chemical-free printing presses help us to not only reduce our environmental impact, but provide a better quality, cost-effective and more efficient print service to our clients, as a result. The investments we have made in the latest sustainable printing technologies have provided us with the means of saving 200k litres of water each year, and is something we feel passionate about continuing to develop as new green technologies emerge.

It’s with this in mind that, when considering the continued use of recycled paper for print, we recognise that this isn’t always the most effective long-term solution due to the harsh chemicals required to transform the paper into a quality, reusable condition. So, to combat this, at Statex, we only use chain of custody managed and certified sources – making sure that the paper we use in our print jobs has been sustainably managed through the replanting of trees, as well as the reduced use of chemicals as part of the production process.

It’s because of all of this and more that our clients work with us confident in the knowledge that we’re doing all we can and more to produce high-quality print work through carefully considered, eco-conscious processes.

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