4 Benefits of Print Marketing for SMEs

When it comes to your marketing output, each type of media touchpoint plays a vital role in increasing engagement and generating results. Particularly for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) where, in a competitive market, everyone is eager to be heard, utilising print as part of your marketing arsenal is a vital component for brand exposure and ultimate business success.

Arguably requiring more attention than leading industry giants, business owners and marketing professionals of small businesses should look to printed materials to ensure their brand and proposition is heard – particularly on a local level. And, while there is no doubt that an effective digital strategy should be considered, print marketing should be treated in equal measure for those SMEs set on boosting revenue and increasing awareness.

So, to help stress the importance of print marketing for your business and the value it holds, in our latest article we’re detailing 4 of the many benefits print marketing can offer SMEs and why print marketing should be considered in all aspects of marketing strategy.

Print implies trustworthiness

With recent studies reporting a rise in online scams, never has digital content been more tainted by the prospect of unreliability than right now. For small and medium businesses whose number of online followers can’t compete with bigger names in the industry, their brands can become lost under the misconception of untrustworthiness.

Printed marketing material, on the other hand, is widely recognised for its credibility – helping businesses establish themselves, their products, and their services as legitimate and ‘real’. The reason for this? Printed materials – regardless of whether they’re small or large format – act as physical representations of a business. After all, someone had to spend time designing, producing and distributing the material, which helps to create a level of credibility and realness in the mind of the consumer.

Print increase local awareness

Whether you’re an up-and-coming service provider or you’re already a well-established small business looking to launch a new product, there’s no doubt that the first audience you should look to engage is the one local to you.

While algorithms can assist with digital audience targeting, nothing is more effective than print advertising when it comes to increasing local awareness and peaking the interest of those in the area. Whether this is done through direct mailing solutions, billboards, postcards or flyers, choosing printed materials to promote your product or service is a key way of knowingly securing relevant interest.

Print has a long-lasting message

Arguably one of the most important benefits of using printed material in your business is its ability to stand the test of time. Print’s potential to last physically is mirrored in its ability to then last in the minds of your audience and anyone who comes into contact with it, as a result.

Unlike a promotional email that might get lost in someone’s inbox or an online advertising campaign that gets scrolled past, printed materials act as a concrete method of marketing that leave an impression on the consumer. They are the types of things that will remain in offices and homes, or continue to be visible on each journey to and from work – helping SMEs remain relevant and exposed.

Print allows you to bring your brand to life

One of the most important things about print marketing is that it remains completely customisable and allows businesses to stand out from the crowd with colours, lamination types, different types of paper and more. These small details help make a big difference and are the things that consumers notice when done well.

Not just another carbon-copied social media advert, printed materials have the power to harness real emotion from your audience. Giving people the ability to get up close and personal with a brand, printed solutions can help SMEs build valuable relationships with their customers or potential clientele.

From increasing bringing your brand to life and increasing awareness, to helping you build trust with potential local customers that match your target audience’s profile, there are countless benefits to using print as part of your business strategy.

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