Roundel Kitchens

We worked with the team at Roundel Kitchens to refresh and produce their annual product brochure.

Having worked with the team at Roundel Kitchens for a number of years, they were in a position where they were looking to refresh their main product brochure for 2021.

The brochure would be filled with colour critical swatches and images of furniture, which meant the colour reproduction throughout had to be 100% accurate with extreme attention to detail paid to every aspect of the content. To help with this, we provided colour calibrated proofs as well as running scatter proofs and colour corrected images until the correct matches to the actual products were established.

Once approved, the client passed the brochure on to press and we were all absolutely delighted with the end product.

“Richard took us through each step of the printing journey from composition and typesetting to the final stages of binding and finishing... we were both impressed and pleased with the professionalism and precision of the Statex team and have plans to work with them again on future projects.”

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