Newcastle Building Society

We were asked to tender for the print of 40 pieces of literature due to a change of address for one of Newcastle Building Society’s divisions.

The jobs were a variation of leaflets, booklets and folders that had to be printed both via litho and digital due to the size and quantities, making sure it was the most cost-effective method without effecting the quality. In addition, we had to do colour adjustments at press between the two processes to achieve colour match of their brand colours.

The management side was very import on this project, not only to hit their launch date, but to keep production up to date constantly to make sure the jobs came in on time as we had press space booked for days.

Statex were absolutely superb in supporting us with one of our biggest projects to date. We were changing our Head Office address and needed to change all our literature in a relatively short space of time. We had identified over 30 items which Statex helped us out with. I had no concerns with giving them the work, as we already have a great working relationship with Statex, over 15 years. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for their help and support we wouldn’t have met our deadline.

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