Durham University

We are extremely proud of our work with Durham University, helping them create a completely unique and tailored print solution with a view to being distributed to prospective students around the world.

How does it work? Undergraduates input their credentials into Durham University’s website, where their CRM software captures and securely merges data with digital PDF assets held here at Statex. This automatic process then generates a user-specific, print ready PDF file which is then immediately sent to print. Each printed prospectus details course information specific to each individual’s interests, along with other bespoke information unique to the user.

The prospectus is then posted out the same day across the UK and all around the world – making the entire process highly efficient and an important tool to demonstrate the University’s advanced technology in a bid to recruit more students. In addition, this project ties in with corresponding materials and brand continuity work that we’ve worked on with Durham University, including bulkier items such as the Schools Prospectus that is held at Statex before being shipped direct to schools across the UK in alliance with a strict schedule of events.

Services used:
Lithographic, Large Format & HQ Digital Printing
Mailing Solutions
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