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Print produced by statexcolourprint uses renewable and recyclable materials which are produced by an environmentally-conscious industry whose future depends on planting more trees than it consumes. It is one of the most renewable and sustainable industries in existence.

Over the years we have worked hard to not only achieve our quality standards but to ensure we are at the forefront of environmental responsibility. Within the printing industry, Statex has pioneered best practice in order to minimise it’s impact on the environment and meet (or exceed) standards required for all relevant laws and regulations. Investing in the latest technologies and embracing ‘green’ thinking, we strive to run our business as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

We are accredited with ISO 14001 and produce our print using FSC and World Land Trust (Carbon Neutral) materials.


  • Less than 2% of our waste to land fill
  • Chemical and water free plate processing saves over 200k litres water / year
  • Soya (vegetable) based inks as used as standard for all litho printed jobs
  • Working with the Carbon Trust, our facility uses intelligent lighting along with many other incentives to ensure we remain a carbon neutral business
  • We recycle
    – heat from machines
    – paper
    – plates
    – pallets
Carbon Balance Paper FSC Carbon Neutral Paper