statex colour print - Newcastle Printers


Whilst the print industry has evolved over the years and digital has become a prominent force in providing print solutions, Statex has continued to invest in the best lithographic equipment. Testament to this is our range of multi-colour Heidelberg machines. With the ability to print up to ten colours and in one pass and on both sides of the sheet we operate a 24 hour, six-days a week facility. Statex provide clients with the best in quality and greater flexibility. All of the machines communicate using Heidelberg Inpress Image Control. This means that we can print different parts of any job on any of the presses and we can ensure we manage the colour correctly between each one.

The sophisticated colour management system used is called Press Centre and uses touch screen technology to monitor and maintain perfect and consistent colour throughout the whole department. It’s directly linked to CIP4 which transfers data from our reprographics department direct to each Heidelberg machine. This allows for maximum automation and enables the system to preset the ink zone areas and ensure perfect registration of the plates. Our colour management system is accredited to ISO-12647-2 standard.

It’s the best you can get!