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MAILING SOLUTIONS: Mono Digital Personalisation

We provide standard personalisation services which can be as simple as a name or address on a letterhead. Many of our clients use Statex for general direct mail services and this is where we would use “mono” or single colour personalisation. We laser print onto letterheads or envelopes from client data, for example, a spreadsheet or list of names.

Laser personalisation provides a crisp reproduction of names and addresses in any typeface and size, anywhere on both sides of a sheet. This means we can put names and addresses on one side and even include logos and unique, sequential numbers or secure bar codes. To add to this we can print direct onto bespoke mailers or brochures using our ink-jet print system. This allows for names and addresses and any other data to be printed in fast succession direct onto catalogue covers or bespoke printed items which will not go through the laser system.

This gives clients a greater flexibility of costs and choices when looking into direct mail solutions.